PLACE: Charlotte Perriand table and chairs. Designed by Charles Zana

STYLE: Grece Ghanem is openly embracing being 53 with a fabulous gray bob. Yes to more women taking risks and embracing themselves no matter their size, age, gender or race.

WORDS: Graphic by MindBodyGreen

OBJECT: Iconic Rolly Poly chair has been a favorite of mine for years. It stand by it's brand's name TooGood.

SELF CARE: Surrender is my topic for the week during my daily meditation. If anything these times are teaching us is that we have never had control of anything. Letting go of the grasping of it can be challenging since many of us are suffering deeply wether it be financially or emotionally.

Surrendering does not mean not feel but instead letting go of wanting to control the circumstances outside our control. Practicing that deeply.