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When my dearest dog Lua passed away last year I was devastated and filled with a grief I had never experienced before. She was the love of my life and a way I found to honor her and all the love she had given me, after 18 years, was through jewelry. One way I know how.

Using my signature Bell Pendant as inspiration, I filled the oval shaped 18k pod with her ashes and added a 0.52 carat cushion cut diamond to symbolize the preciousness of her spirit.

Each pendant is hand sculpted in wax each time, then casted in 18k yellow gold. It takes 6-8 weeks to complete, depending on the design.

To inquire about a custom pendant email us at I am taking very limited amount of orders of these for the holidays.


After a one-on-one appointment with the client I sketch a design.

Custom 0.6 carat emerald pre-setting and polish. Honoring another beloved pup.

Sketch for another custom pendant, this one with no gem at the center.


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