For Rings: to get an accurate measurement of your finger visit your local jewelry repair to have them measure it for you or send us an email and we will mail you a ring sizer upon placing an order.


All jewelry is handmade and for the most part one-of-a-kind. Slight variation in texture should be considered as part of their unique beauty.

Gold jewelry should be cleaned using a soft toothbrush and non-chemical soap or a soft cloth.

Silver jewelry may be cleaned using a special silver cleaning cloth once your piece is oxidized.

Opals are very sensitive and soft. Please refrain from keeping near extreme temperatures and bathing/swimming with it. Do not spray perfume or any other chemicals directly to stone as it may change color.

When wearing non-pierced earrings such as ear cuffs, make sure your ear cuff is firmly hooked in your ear. The trick is rotating the cuff inwards to secure hook tightly.


Always handle all your jewelry with care and attention.


For all repairs please email us with description of repair and a picture. Repair fees may apply, depending on type of repair and circumstance.

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