Born in Brazil, Natalia Pascual has been interested in fashion and visual arts since her early teens. She interned and worked for luxury brands where she grew a sensitivity for craftsmanship and design, mostly in fashion; which later led to designing her first jewelry line in 2009.

After exploring different areas within the fashion industry, she found her authentic voice not only through jewelry design but also in visual story telling- incorporating fashion, furniture and object design- where she became enamored by the idea that all material things that surround us makes us who we are, not in a superficial way but in a creative way of living. Her appreciation for long lasting materials and quality designs led her to create jewelry that has a long lasting life span. Implementing the idea of conscious consumerism, buying quality pieces that will last a lifetime.

Natalia Pas Jewelry symbolizes timeless elegance, spiritual connection to material objects and beauty. You will find a mix of ancient influence with a modern yet organic touch. 

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