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I tend to always gravitate towards circular and round shapes. From Brazilian modernist art, to furniture, to architecture, this is my source of inspiration for this new direction I am heading with Natalia Pas Jewelry. I wanted to update my signature Bell Pendant and make it a strong and bold piece, modern and elegant.

Part of my series of one-of-a-kind handcrafted pendants there will be no two ever exactly alike. There is an extreme amount of care and attention that came into construction of this new design and I hope you enjoy it.

This is without a doubt another bold statement to add to your collection.

I found this incredible 16.7 carat weight pink tourmaline while at the gem show in Tucson and I knew I had to have it. For months I have been wanting to make more of my signature Bell Pendants and since I am mostly a one woman show I haven't found the time to redesign it. I knew I wanted to create a new bail and create either my own chain or collar. I wanted the design the reflect my growth as a jeweler so every detailed matter. Plus, I wanted it to feel modern, bold and chic.

Why the bell? Honestly the name did not come intentionally I just felt like it resemble a shape of a bell and I like the idea of bells symbolizing awakening. Through their sound they awaken us from a meditation, from concentration, to alert or annunciate something.


Brazilian modernism is my favorite subject to study and read about. My grandmother used to be a big collector of modernists pieces by renowned Brazilian artists and designers, maybe that's where I got it from. Some of these images have inspired me for its curves and shapes and have been on my mood boards over the years.

Casa das Canoas in Rio de Janeiro designed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1951

Bola de Latão Chair designed by Lina Bo Bardi in 1951

"Abaporu" by Tarsila do Amaral 1928

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

According to Merriam-Webster handcrafted means anything created by a hand process other than by a machine.

A few years ago when I closed my previous jewelry business to fully pursuit working with precious metals I wasn't quite skilled to handcraft my work on my own. I designed and sculpted wax on a few pieces but hired a manufacturer to produce my jewelry. Well a lot has changed since and I have become fully hands on with my designs, from carving most pieces on wax to finishing all by hand. Even when working with a stone setter and casting company, I personally always finish all pieces to achieve my personal touch. This yearning to produce things by hand grew within me as I started to pay attention on how I consumed material things, how I shopped for clothes and home goods. I noticed some familiar patterns I look for when I buy something and that is "how they feel", "where they are made", "what are they made out of" . Nowadays, sustainability is a word that is often thrown out there way too much and at times served as a marketing bait. I see sustainability as consuming things that will have a long life span in your closet or home. Things you absolutely love and that add some sort of value into your life. To me it is important to own things that makes me feel good, an expression of who I am. Things that inspire me and makes me feel like myself. Sustainability also means of course brands that are ethical, pay their employees fairly and have a bigger ecological impact, values I strive for.

I want Natalia Pas Jewelry to be a brand that makes you feel like it's part of you (in your own way), a brand that feels special when you receive something in the mail, a brand that creates inspiration and becomes an extension of you. To me it's not only the product itself but the whole entire package that comes with it, it's a feeling an emotion really. Each piece created at our atelier holds energy, care and attention.

Continue to follow me here as I will be sharing more behind the scenes and how every piece comes to life. It's a intimate yet beautiful process I would like to invite you all to, my creative process.

Talk soon,

x Natalia

Every detail matters. Heart Collection being finished and polished by Natalia.