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My Signet Ring has been getting some attention lately so I figured I would share a little bit more about it.

The inspiration started from two ancient rings I viewed at Met museum a few years ago (see below). I first made an Australian Opal version (see last photo) because the shape of the ancient ring on (the first image to the left) evoked the need for a stone to be set.

Then, I wanted to change the design and make it my own by raising it and make it a little more elevated, a very bold look in my opinion, I wanted it to feel chunky and strong.

My intention for the Signet is to be a bold statement of self identity, as signet rings have been known to identify one’s heritage. Our version symbolizes strength and boldness of one’s story. In solid 18k yellow gold it is meant to stand out.

Customized versions with stones are available upon request, just email us at


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